Welcome to the Kappa Pi Chapter ETA XI site!

We are an active community at The College of New Jersey focused on promoting artistic excellence. Our members study within all fields of the visual arts- from Art History, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. If you have any questions or are interested in the membership process, please contact us here.

  • Come join us @4PM every Wednesday
  • Dues from old members are $10 and are and are being collected until Feb 29
  • Kappa Pi T-shirt money is $17.50 -- Drop off in the copy room mail box or give to Caroline! (Send us an email if you drop it off in the copy room)

Since its establishment in the year 1911 at the University of Kentucky, Kappa Pi has dedicated itself to providing a voluntary, non-profit base of support for art excellence through its active support for art excellence through its active support of all Kappa Pi chapters' goals and objectives. Kappa Pi strives to accomplish this goal in the following ways:

Promoting artistic excellence at the collegiate level and beyond by maintaining high academic achievement.

Awarding certificates, pins and membership cards, along with many scholarships each year. Honor cords may be purchased for graduating seniors

And lastly, by recognizing deserving artists and those interested in and supportive of the arts by awarding Honorary Memberships for Kappa Pi.