Josh Sender (b. 1991, New York) is an artist working online and living in Baltimore. He received a BFA from The College of New Jersey and an MFA in Multidisciplinary Art from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

He’s exhibited artwork and web projects at a whole bunch of galleries and museums internationally, and he’s been invited to give critiques/talks at a bunch of public and private universities.Pratt, MICA, NE Illinois U, and TCNJ An occasional award-winning web designer, he’s worked on design teams in New York, DC and Baltimore. He’s a designer at Fjord in Washington, DC, designing things for a big, bloated, and hopefully more thoughtful and empathetic federal government.

He assists with Ctrl+P, a publishing project based in Baltimore. He manages the digital archive Exhibition, the gallery Gallery Institute, and the blog Huh, Clever.

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Josh Sender