It Was All Very Impressive II

A museum, generative paintings, and a book walk into an artwork

‘It Was All Very Impressive II’ was only ever accessible as a projection within a physical gallery space. The mouse cursor couldn’t be controlled by the user, and rested in the middle of the screen as the website was programmed to automatically scroll and display its sub-projects one after another. One sub-project was a constantly rearranging digital museum whose collection contained every 3d-scanned object made available online by major art institutions. Another was a series of generated digital paintings composed of randomly layered fragments from the digital museum. The next two projects were composed of digital forms floating across the screen. ‘It Was All Very Impressive’ looked to create a lineage for this body of 3d-scanned objects, one that exists alongside and perhaps in lieu of, its current proposed history.


The Museum of Translated Objects

Rearranging Website, Digital Archive

The first sub-project of ‘It Was All Very Impressive’ is ‘The Museum of Translated Objects.’

The ‘Museum of Translated Objects’ is a digital museum archiving every 3D object made available online by major art institutions. The ‘Museum of Translated Objects’ utilizes a rudimentary process for re-scanning the 3D digital objects made available. The objects are re-scanned by being photographed in 360° directly from a computer screen and the photos are photogrammetrically stitched together to generate new 3D spatial data, or new 3D objects. These new objects make up the collection of “translated” objects, and are made available in order to extend the objects’ journeys through history.

Artifacts, Published Works

Rearranging Website, Randomly Generated Images

The second part of the second iteration of ‘It Was All Very Impressive.’ Every 40 seconds ‘Artifacts, Published Works’ is refreshed, randomly layering fragments pulled from the ‘Museum of Translated Objects’ creating a new series of unique combinations every refresh.

Mirage, or, I am Large, I Contain Multitudes

Rearranging Website

The third part of the second iteration of ‘It Was All Very Impressive.’ Like in ‘Artifacts, Published Works,’ the images from ‘The Museum of Translated Objects’ is the generative source for this project. The objects from the museum collection are positioned in fabricated exhibitions, creating an index of potential.

That Old Present Tense

Rearranging Website

The fourth and last part of the second iteration of ‘It Was All Very Impressive.’ ‘That Old Present Tense’ looks to fill the spaces in-between. Automatically scrolling websites with layering screens, books and prints.

I Have Something to Tell You

No Shortage of Bodies

You Never Know How the Past Will Turn Out

Excuse Me, I Have Work to Do

A Public Space: For Labor, for Leisure

Nothing but Hats and Bags

Scratched Below a Statue

It’s Nice Out Here

New Work

Mocking Time, as Far as I Can Tell

Seeing Lassoing Wild Horses in 360°

An Hour Poorly Spent

It Was All Very Impressive I

Touristing as a Clumsy Commuter

Yes, It All Happened

Taking Up a Space and Claiming It

Merry Happy Year

It Was All Very Impressive II

On Edge

Oy! On Time!

Vie Vying


Monument Feed

Martyr Images

$ Landscape $

Everyone Looks So Familiar

Contrived Permanence

Unpublished Stories

Josh Sender