It’s Nice Out Here

A real and fictional curated pavilion for the world's largest digital art biennale

Toeing the line of digital producer and curator, It’s Nice Out Here is a show I curated and developed a new exhibition framework for. As an online exhibition where most anything is possible through implied fictions illustrated through manipulated photography, video, and text, I “installed” the artist’s work by photoshopping (or, digitally inserting) the artist’s images into emptied press photos from international galleries and museums. The work is all real, but exists as digitally rendered documentation images of one huge imagined exhibition. Out here, artists imagine images as sites of possibility. The work exists between the implied physical spaces / psychic space of the viewer and the limitations of technology and screen augmented reality. The work is sprawling, ambitious, and unlimited., as a pavilion of The Wrong Digital Art Biennale.

Exhibition will be available from November 1, 2019 through March 1, 2020.

Josh Sender