No Shortage of Bodies

No Shortage of Bodies

Culture report, a series of paintings, and an exhibition of and about stock images

No Shortage of Bodies is a culture report and a series of photographs and paintings. The culture report makes predictions on how our collective relationship to images might change. The report is based on a Getty Image’s trend forecast for their own collection of purchasable stock photography. The distorted photographs and digital paintings are sourced from the most popular stock images from the most widely used stock photography services. The paintings are made by running the original photographs through a series of digital processes.

“Each decade, we pore over data and signals from the world around us — strolling, scrolling, being scrolled past, there are so many insights to glean from our simple strolls — where we can see the next decade ahead unfolding. This decade, we’re going further.”

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I Have Something to Tell You

No Shortage of Bodies

You Never Know How the Past Will Turn Out

Excuse Me, I Have Work to Do

A Public Space: For Labor, for Leisure

Nothing but Hats and Bags

Scratched Below a Statue

It’s Nice Out Here

New Work

Mocking Time, as Far as I Can Tell

Seeing Lassoing Wild Horses in 360°

An Hour Poorly Spent

It Was All Very Impressive I

Touristing as a Clumsy Commuter

Yes, It All Happened

Taking Up a Space and Claiming It

Merry Happy Year

It Was All Very Impressive II

On Edge

Oy! On Time!

Vie Vying


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Martyr Images

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Everyone Looks So Familiar

Contrived Permanence

Unpublished Stories

Josh Sender