Seeing Lassoing Wild Horses in 360°

Perfect-bound book, re-scanned 3D objects from the Met

“Lassoing Wild Horses was the first sculpture in the Met’s collection to be made available for viewing online in 360°. The classic Western bronze calls to mind dusty expanses, uncharted terrain, and the quintessentially Western ideas of conquest and control. In Seeing Lassoing Wild Horses in 360°, Josh Sender defamiliarizes those concepts by 3D scanning the digital object as he turned it around in virtual space. In this way Sender was able to ‘own’ his own iteration of the bronze, yet at the same time he dismisses the notion of exacting documentation in favor of abstraction. The resulting point clouds and wireframes call to mind Rorschach tests or faraway islands—forms that encourage one to wander between knowing and the unknown.”

Published by and available for purchase from Ctrl+P

6″ x 9″

72 pages, perfect-bound

Published 2018

2014 Digital Edition

The original 2014 edition is still available as a free PDF.

Download the PDF (6 MB)

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