You Never Know How the Past Will Turn Out

Wading through light research on every god-relayed mythology in the form of a video, digital book, and prints

A video wading through research about a bunch of answers offered by most major god-related mythologies from human history. The video is meant to overwhelm by layering with conflicting exterior and interior frames. The interior frame is an e-book generated using every image from the Wikipedia pages for ‘God’ and ‘Deities’. The videos filling the exterior frame are the most popular free stock videos available on a high-quality royalty-free stock video website, acting as a sort-of catalog for humanity’s current cultural moment. The texts adorning the top and bottom frame are two separate streams of consciousness, changing with each page turn of the interior frame book. The top slowly reveals text from the Wikipedia articles the images are from, while the bottom offers personal individual reflections.

Random frames from the video are printed and exhibited as needed!

2019 – Present

Video installed as a 3-channel installation.
Screenshots from the video printed, framed, and editioned.
Josh Sender